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Loading & Unloading


Loading & Unloading of the goods will take place under the guidance of skilled labors who will make sure that safety of the goods remains intact during this process.


Be Safe


If you have a sizable shipment and/or heavy items, you will want to consider renting a ramp and appliance dolly. Both can typically be rented at reasonable rates, and the additional cost is worth reduced wear and tear on your body.


Remember to "squat" when handling heavier items and lift them with your knees, not your back. Ask for help with anything that tests your limits.

Be Smart

Loading in a pre-planned "smart" order will greatly reduce loading time and fatigue. It will also ensure a safer ride for your belongings.


Remember to place cardboard or plastic sheeting on the floor of the trailer prior to loading to help protect your shipment. It is also recommended that you cover your shipment with plastic sheets or a tarp to protect your items from becoming dusty.


Start with heavy appliances and load them on the floor against the front wall of the trailer. Continue by loading heavier items toward the front of the trailer and on the floor. Save the space above for lighter items.


Long pieces, such as sofas, can be stood on end and anchored by other large heavy items. This greatly reduces the "footprint" of what is normally a significant space taker.


Load lighter items and boxes marked "fragile" on top and properly secure them. Load all items as tightly as possible to reduce shifting, rubbing and puncturing during transit.


Be generous with blankets and padding, and place cardboard under anything that may be scuffed or soiled by riding directly on the floor of the trailer. Load mattresses and upholstered furniture up off of the floor. Remember to use bagged pillows, stuffed animals and furniture cushions as well as additional paper and cardboard to fill all gaps and spaces.


If necessary, you may use blocks and braces throughout the loading process. These can be nailed to the floor of the trailer and are helpful in preventing shifting. You can also use screw-able hooks and eyes to assist in tying down your shipment.


As a final step, you will want to protect your shipment from becoming dusty by covering it with large sheets of plastic. As we earlier told you that ABF trailers are not airtight. Plastic sheets are cheap, easy to find and definitely worth purchasing for extra protection.


Once everything is loaded and secured, you will install.

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