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Furniture Packaging

Packing of furniture is an important part of packing. Wrap with blankets or bubble wrap. Secure padding to furniture. Do not use tape directly on wood or painted surfaces.


Remove legs from furniture if possible. Place wing nuts or screws in envelopes or plastic bags and tape to underside of furniture.


Coat fine wood furnishings with wax to protect against scratches.


Place sofa cushions and pillows in bags to use as pads or fillers in the trailer.


Move dressers with contents in drawers to avoid repacking. Secure drawers from opening during transit.


Valuable furniture items like piano, consider hiring a specialist to pack and load it.


Leave the rest to the professional movers (Accurate International Packers & Logistics), sit back and relax, and look forward to the new opportunities, new friends, new experiences, etc. that are part of any move.


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